Acrylic Flower Arrangements

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Acrylic vases, flower arrangement vase, 4-section vase, screen printed vaseAcrylic vases, flower arrangement vase, 4-section vase, screen printed vase.

You won't find silk flower accents and designer silk floral arrangements more lifelike than these anywhere else online. Seeing is believing!

Silk flowers are always considered as centre of attraction. The first question that comes to everybody's mind is how to make silk flower wedding bouquets? Silk flowers...
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Acrylic Water is the product that is used to create silk flower arrangements in glass vases that make the flowers appear to be in real water.

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Elegant, beautiful & unique silk flower arrangements & outdoor wreaths.  This arrangement is hand made for you after you place your order.

Roses w/Glass Vase Silk Flower Arrangement. Click to enlarge image(s) More than any other flower, the Rose beckons the eye (and nose), literally demanding a closer inspection.

What is the clear substance in the vases of your silk flower arrangements? I like your Liquid Illusion Flowers Arrangement very much, is the acrylic permanent?

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things you'll need: Flower container. Florist foam block. Acrylic water. sunlight.

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If you enjoy arranging your own flowers, they can help you do it. They carry Liquid Illusion, which is the acrylic water substance, so you can make your own faux flower arrangements.

Decorate your interiors with Acrylic flowers in Water arrangements.

Dried flower arrangements can last up to 10 years if cared for properly. Utilize a clear acrylic sealer to preserve the dried flower arrangement.

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We have a wide variety of artificial plants, cactus, trees and flower arrangements to choose from that are made from the highest quality materials. offers our customers a wide range of silk flower arrangements for any occasion. Our high quality, authentic-looking silk flower arrangements include bud vase...